G Pen Vapor E-Cig Review

Every dad concerns about his kids and so does mine. I had a very bad habit of taking puffs after every single hour or so. This was making my lungs weaker and prone to many lung diseases. After intense Internet research, my dad introduced me to G Pen Vapor which is the newest e-cigarette launched. It has reduced my smoking habit to a great level.

Read on, to reveal more to it…

Why E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes is the creation of advanced technology. It provides you with the freedom to smoke anytime and anywhere without the output of ash, tar, flame or carbon monoxide which are found in tobacco cigarettes. It also protects your lungs from the damage caused by the harmful substances present in tobacco cigarettes.

What is it?

G Pen Vapor is an advanced e-cigarette designed to harness the benefits of clean nicotine. It is free from the use of any cheap filters or harmful ingredients. It claims to provide you with amazing flavors of e-juices that will make you experience the best flavors of green apple, chocolate mint, melon burst and cherry vanilla. More above this, the tobacco lasts 20X longer than any other e-cigarette. How Does it Work?

This utilizes heat to create water vapors instead of smoke. Compared to real cigarettes, it does not let you puff harmful chemicals inside your lungs but, instead it provides you with soothing flavors which are safe and natural. It makes you enjoy the same nicotine experience but without the use of any chemical compounds produced by regular cigarettes.

Why Buy this?

  • Makes you enjoy smoking anytime and anywhere
  • Reduce the risk of serious health issues
  • Have no bad odor on cloth or breath
  • Does not make you crave for nicotine
  • Helps you save a good amount of money
  • Helps you to stay close to your dear ones


It is not recommended for those under 18. Remember this is just an alternative to smoking hence, should not be considered as ‘stop smoking’ or ‘quit smoking’ device.

The Kit includes…

  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 long life battery
  •  3 cartomizers
  • 4 e-juice bottles

My Words!

First of all, I would definitely like to thank my dad who forced me towards this product. It has helped me in reducing the large number of cigarettes which I used to consume earlier. Since last month, I have only consumed 5 cigarettes in a whole and rest, I am totally dependent on G Pen Vapor for satisfying my urge.

Where to Buy?

You can claim your G Pen Vapor and its free trial pack from its official website only!